• Grey school pants, long or short
  • Grey short sleeved open necked shirt
  • Black school shoes and grey school socks


  • Grey school pants, long or short
  • Grey long sleeved shirt
  • Dark blue school jersey with school badge
  • Black school shoes and grey school socks


  • Dark blue school gym with school badge
  • White short sleeved open necked shirt in summer
  • White long sleeved shirt
  • Dark blue school jersey with school badge
  • Short white socks in summer
  • Royal blue pantyhose in winter
  • Black school shoes
  • Long grey girl’s pants with white socks can replace the gym in winter.



  • Dark blue pants
  • Light blue A F Louw sport shirt

Netball:  As per athletics

Senior teams: Hockey skirt

Rugby / Soccer:   

  • Dark blue rugby pants
  • Rugby jerseys are handed out at school
  • School sports socks (Soccer)


  • White open necked school shirt
  • White rugby shorts
  • School socks
  • White sport shoes


School Uniform

Alternative uniform – The tracksuit can be worn in winter, but

 a) with a white T-shirt, long or short sleeves and

 b) with white sport shoes.

  • Fashion shoes of all colours and shapes are not allowed.
  • White socks may only be used together with the tracksuit. 
  • The blue sport shirt can only be worn on days with either sport practises or contests against other schools. 
  • Learners are required to wear practise clothes during our sport practices on Tuesdays. 
  • Separate parts of the uniform may not be mixed and matched. 
  • On cold or rainy days a nylon and towel rain jacket can be worn over the school uniform, but it must be a dark blue one and the cap must be stored in the collar. 
  • If a jersey must be worn, it can only be worn over a school shirt together with grey pants or the school gym.
  • Jersey and shirts/gyms must be fitted with a school badge.
  • In order to streamline the use of uniforms, summer will be from 1 October up to 30 April.
  • It is expected that these rules will be adhered to by all parents and learners.  If a scarf or beanie must be worn, the only colour allowed is dark blue.
  • Muslim girls may wear a dark blue or black head scarf for religious purposes.
  • When learners go to play against other school, we expect them to wear a tracksuit.

And finally – please mark each piece of clothing clearly with the name of the learner.  School clothes are very expensive!


  • Supplier:  De Jagers in Bergzicht Plaza, Stellenbosch  Tel. 021 886 5168
  • Clothing Bank:  During school hours – report at the admin office



1. Our aim

This Christian-based school endeavours to provide a micro-cosmos of its community in which each and everyone can develop and reach his or hers full potential.  This aim is supported and sustained by purposeful and differentiated teaching, a dedicated teaching staff, open communication between school and parents and their children, and to lead by example in moral and ethical matters.  The final aim is to produce learners that have a balanced outlook on life – learners who will develop into responsible adults.

2. Admission

English as well as Afrikaans as medium of instruction will be available to learners.  Age of admission is determined by law, but we prefer Grade 1 pupils to become seven (7) during their Grade 1 year.  Applicants to Grade 2 – 7 will be placed according to their level of development and previous schooling.

3. Religion


This school follows a Christian ethos.  Followers of other denominations are welcome.  No pressure will be put on them to attend religious meetings.  If parents prefer it so, separate meetings for children of non-Christian denominations can be arranged.

4. Discipline and Punishment

This school upholds the belief that proper learning can only take place in an orderly and well-disciplined environment.  Pupils, who are responsible that this cannot happen, will be punished.  If reasonable punishment does not help and pupils persist in disrupting the good order in school, parents of such children will be asked to take their children somewhere else.  If necessary, the Western Cape Education Department will be asked to intervene in this regard.

5. School fees

This school asks school fees from parents.  The amount will be determined by its Governing Body and forwarded to parents at a general parents meeting at the end of each year.  Strict financial control of school fees will be applied.

If the majority of parents decide that school fees will no longer be asked or if unreasonable fees are decided upon, the Head of  Department:  Education of the Western Cape will be asked to recall all functions of the Governing Body.  Such a decision will cancel this constitution as well.  The continuation of this school will then be in the hands of the state.

6. Parent bodies

This school will have a Governing Body elected according to the S.A. Schools Act.

Parent bodies, like a PTA, are allowed.

No societies with a political agenda will be allowed.

7. Sanction and Signatures

It is expected from each parent of this school, to sanction and support this constitution and to uphold its rules and statutes.  Changes to this constitution can be made at the annual parents’ meeting.  The full constitution is available at the school.


Educational Objectives

We strive to:

  • Attain high academic standards where each learner is encouraged to reach his/her highest goal.
  • Encourage each learner to develop his/her personality to achieve a meaningful position in his/her community.  The development of self-discipline is therefore a high priority.
  • Co-operate closely with parents to form an affective educational team.
  • Introduce our learners to as many sporting codes as possible to educate his/her whole human being.

Some items out of Code of Conduct for learners and Facilitators  (Part of school constitution)

Code of Conduct for learners

It is expected of each learner and his/her parents to endorse this code of conduct as well as the school rules.


 I Promise:-

  • Not to be absent without reason.
  • Not to prevent any learner from receiving schooling and education.
  • To respect my teacher and fellow learners.
  • To acknowledge and respect cultural and religious differences.
  • To respect and pay homage to my school, its symbols and to promote its well-being.
  • To obey the rules of my school.

Code of conduct for teachers

Teachers of this school endorse the code of conduct for teachers and promise:-

  • To respect each child as created by God.
  • To help develop each learner’s talent.
  • To support each learner to become a useful citizen of our country.
  • To be a positive role model for all our learners and their parents.

The full codes of conduct are available from school.


Apart from normal and accepted academic tuition, the following:

  1. Remedial teacher available
  2. Very good access to school psychologist
  3. Well stocked library – Monday and Thursday afternoons to change books.  Also Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday first break
  4. Computer Centre – Wednesday afternoons – only for schoolwork
  5. Sport: Athletics, Tennis, Cricket, Mini-cricket (under 9), Rugby, Mini-rugby (under 9), Netball and Mini-netball, Soccer for boys and girls and volleyball.
  6. Other activities: Drama, entrepreneurial days (market day), excursions.





  • School starts at 07:50.  Learners that are late must report to the principal.
  • Parents must provide a letter or phone the principal to explain why a learner is absent.  If a learner is going to be absent for a reason, the principal must be contacted.
  • No learner will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours.

On the school grounds

  • Dangerous games, or playing with dangerous articles like knives, are forbidden.
  • No-one may ride a bicycle on the school grounds.
  • No learners are allowed to play in front of the school (next to La Colline-Way)
  • Plants must be respected.  No climbing of trees.
  • The play park is only for Grade R and 1.
  • Senior learners must play in their designated areas and not interfere with the play of smaller learners.

In the buildings

  • The main entrance is for visitors and teachers only.
  • Only monitors or class captains are allowed in classrooms before or after school (the permission of the class teacher is needed).
  • No learners are allowed in the hall except with the proper permission.
  • Aftercare learners are not allowed to roam about the school.
  • Learners not enrolled in aftercare are not allowed to loiter on the school grounds or to visit aftercare-learners without permission from the person in charge.
  • No running in the school.
  • Senior learners are not allowed to use toilets designated to junior learners.

School bell

At the commencement of school, as well as after both breaks, two bells will ring:

  • After the first bell learners must go to their lines immediately.
  • With the second bell learners must be quiet and lead off to class orderly.
  • Staff will do duty at lines and in front of classes.  It is expected of learners to leave and enter the school buildings and classrooms orderly.

School Uniform

  • It is expected from every learner to wear his/her school uniform with pride.
  • The school uniform is worn during school hours as well as by learners representing the school at extramural activities.
  • Learners must wear the appropriate sport wear for every code of sport.
  • Jewellery is not allowed except small studs or earrings for girls.  Colourful hair clips, bandannas or decorative headgear is not allowed.  If girls have long hair, it must be fastened.
  • Boys may not have hair hanging over their eyes or collars.
  • Wigs, colouring of hair or extraordinary hairstyles are not allowed.

Personal Possessions

  • All clothing and other personal belongings must be clearly marked with the name of the learner.
  • Valuables must not be brought to school.
  • The secretary handles all lost property.
  • Learners may not bring dangerous toys, weapons, fake or real, or pornographic literature to school.
  • Learners may not fettle with the cars of the staff or visitors.
  • Learners must respect other people’s possessions. Using it without permission is a form of theft.

Damage to School Property

  • If a learner breaks school property, be it on purpose or disobedience, the parents of such a learner will be held accountable for the damage.
  • Graffiti and scribbling on walls and desks is seen as seriously defacing the school’s property.    
  • Lost Library Books or damaged Library Books – R100.00 replacement fee – pay at Admin Office and show the Librarian the receipt.

General Rules

  • The saying:  finders keepers, does not apply here.  Lost property found is handed in to the secretary or teacher.  If you keep it, it is theft!
  • If the door of the principal’s office is closed, it means he is busy.  If he as visitors, go to the secretary.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed at school.
  • Learners are not allowed to enter the staff room, library, teacher’s workroom or offices without permission.
  • When a learner leaves the school, all books trophies and cups must be returned to school.
  • All of us at this school pay respect to our country and its national symbols.

Disciplinary System

  • This school upholds a set system of disciplinary rules, approved of by the Governing Body.
  • Parents as well as learners, who do not adhere to this or interfere with its execution, will be summoned to appear before the Governing Body.

Our school motto is:


This means "nothing is gained without work"


Where oaks adore our beloved town

and millstream gently flows

where the mill was once so hard at work

may we follow the path it shows.


Without work there is no gain

Work for school and country fame

Every day’s small tasks will forever last

Without work there is no gain.

Our focus is on God alone

To live just for Him

We will work and conquer ever day

As our Lord has told us the same.