Each year at the end of the academic year AF Louw Primary chooses it’s prefects for the next year. Prefects are nominated by die Grade 3 – 6 classes. The staff decides on the final selection. They also appoint the Head boy and Head girl. The number of prefects chosen depends on the number of classes we have at school. A prefect is designated to each class.

The prefects fulfil the following duties:


  1. The Head boy and Head girl represent the learners at all official functions at school.
  2. The Head boy and Head girl deliver speeches at the merit award evening at the end of the academic year.
  3. Prefects are the flag bearers at hall assemblies.
  4. They assist the educators in ensuring that discipline of a high standard is maintained.
  5. The prefects each year are involved in a “REACH OUT TO THE COMMUNITY” project. During this period they – together with the rest of the school – collect non-perishable foodstuff, blankets, toys, etc. This they distribute amongst the NGO’s in the community – including the Stellenbosch Hospital’s Paediatric Ward.

Our learners do not wear school ties. Only our prefects are awarded school ties and prefect badges to distinguish them from the rest of the learner. They receive this at the beginning of the school year after they attended a weekend camp where they are taught Leadership traits and life skills.