About our School

A.F. Louw Primary School was founded in 1943 to provide schooling to children from the surrounding community. The school began with 12 learners and the first principal was Ms. M. Lategan. Soon children from the farming community to the north of Stellenbosch also joined the school.

The school is named after two people, namely, Abraham Faure, who was the first person from our town to study overseas and also the first person from Stellenbosch to become a minister. The second person was Abraham Faure Louw. He was a minister who worked hard to try and ensure that all children received a school education.

Today our school provides good, solid education to a wide variety of children from Stellenbosch and further afield. We are a dual medium school and at present we have 695 learners. Our English stream consists of about 60% of the pupils. We provide schooling from Grades R to 7 in separate Afrikaans and English classes. Our average class size consists of approximately 30 learners. The school has 13 teachers employed by the Department of Education and 12 teachers employed by the Governing Body.  Seventy five percent of our support staff is also paid by the school itself.